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Supporting your body from the inside out!

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Wholistically You exists to help you support your body from the inside out! We treat the body as a whole by using holistic modalities to find the root cause of your symptoms. We then create a realistic health plan specifically for you. Wholistically You provides the tools and resources you need to help you support and revive your body and health the way God created it and intended it to be!


The passion Melody has for health, nutrition and the WHOLE person comes from her great appreciation of life! She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 12. To her, having a healthy body---from the inside out---is a requirement to one's quality of life. She learned this from her own personal experiences as well as working with others through her own health journey!

She strongly believes that being the best YOU and looking at the WHOLE person is the best way to help someone on their health journey and this is why she became a Holistic Health Practitioner. Melody is determined and driven to dedicate her hard-work, knowledge, and critical thinking skills to help individuals and communities begin and/or create healthy lifestyles, in order to improve their health and ultimately their quality of life!

Jeremiah 30:17
    “"For I will restore
health to you and heal you of your wounds" says the Lord.

Melody's free time is spent by spending time with her family and doing life with those she loves! Her husband and her two kids are her world!

Melody has a love for life and radiates joy in all she does!


1270 25th St Pl SE, Suite 7 (Lower Level)

Hickory, NC 28602


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