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Healthy Food



"Working with Melody was the best decision. She helped me understand how my body was not working and what to do to help it better process foods. Guided me every step of the way with the best food choices or alternatives to what I liked to eat but shouldn’t eat. It’s been a little over 90 days and I feel a thousand percent better than before I started with her help."


“Since I started working with Melody I have so much more freedom that I thought I would never have again. I’m not hurting like I was and if I do it’s because of a choice I made. I’m so much more awake, more energetic and happier. I feel so much better as a whole and feel much more supported and in control!”


"Wholistically You has helped me tremendously! I feel so much better since I now know my food “sensitivities”! I am also taking the recommended Vitamins & Supplements to support my overall health"


“Thank you Melody. That’s the best summary I have. My experience with her and Wholistically You was better than I ever imagined. She helped me learn how to fuel my body and eat good foods. Foods that nourish me. I have my energy back! I have my love for life back! She encouraged me to say gratitudes each day and that helped change my outlook every morning. I can be negative and my family said I’ve been more positive in the past 6 months than I’ve ever been. So thanks Melody! Work with Wholistically You you won’t regret it.”


"Melody helped my daughter as we worked to figure out what was making her sick, in the evenings. When the report came back, it even showed some teeth that we needed to have checked, that were exactly the ones we planned to have taken care of. The testing was spot on and the help Melody provides in addition to that were exceptional. I highly recommend her!


“Working with Wholistically You has changed the way I understand food. I have tried many “fad diets'' that have fallen flat because they were not tailored to my body and my needs. Wholistically You is not a diet, however, by cutting out foods my body is sensitive too and incorporating foods that my body thrives from, I have seen such an improvement. On July 4th weekend I cheated on my myself by having foods my body is sensitive to and I will never forget the shock of how awful I felt; how I had felt for so long and never wanting to feel that way again. This was not a “fad diet” but a lifestyle change that I will recommend again and again. Melody was there for me every step of the way and with her guidance I am both happy and healthy.”


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