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At Wholistically You, we come alongside you on your health journey. We partner with you and give you the tools, resources and support you need to support and revive your body and health so you can thrive! However, it is not our responsibility to “fix” you - the real work is yours to do - but we are here to coach and support you throughout your journey.


We are a root cause focused wellness center. This means that we do not just cover up your symptoms with band-aid fixes, but we become your health detective to figure out the root cause of your symptoms and uncover any obstacles standing in the way of health. We then help you support your body from the inside out by giving you a recommended protocol that includes diet and lifestyle changes, practitioner grade supplements and other holistic modalities as we work with you through your health journey. 


We do not diagnose, but we do take into consideration all of the factors that affect your health. This includes Environmental Influences: foods, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, infections, etc.; Biological and Genetic Influences: hormone imbalances, digestion and the absorption of nutrients, environmental and food sensitivities, immune system function and inflammatory responses and the Mind and Emotions:  your thoughts, emotions, and stress levels and how they all affect your health.

We work with you during your sessions. We will go over your recommended protocol and discuss how we will support you as you regain your health! We will modify as needed, monitor your progress, and enable you to achieve YOUR health goals!


    We will work with you on:

  • Using nutrition through food to help support your body

  • Practitioner grade supplements

  • Physical activity and exercise

  • Sleep quality

  • Stress

  • Toxins and toxic load

  • Environments 

  • Social relationships and boundaries

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