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Free Consultation Call

Schedule a 15-minute Free Consultation call with your Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) to discuss your wellness goals and see if Wholistically You is the right fit for you on your health journey! 


Health Evaluation Sessions

The Health Evaluation Session is where you will meet with your Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). Your HHP will go over your health findings, from your Bio-Energetic Scans, and your recommended protocol.


This session is 1 on 1 with your HHP to give you clarity and allow you to ask any questions you may have. This session is typically an hour and a half in length.

This session also includes 30 days of support with your practitioner (after the 30 day's, hop on the Wellness Monthly Membership for on-going support throughout your journey!)


Bio-Energetic Scans

Bio-Energetic Scans measure the electric flow changes in electrical resistance of the body's skin, hair or nails. These scans allow us to see what points in the body are out of balance, giving indicators for your:

  • Comprehensive Health

  • Nutritional Imbalances 

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Toxin Signatures 

  • Hormonal Signatures 

  • And other body system imbalances (IE: the stomach, thyroid, adrenals, liver and the small and large intestines).

This information helps your practitioner create the best protocol for your and guide you along your health journey.

The Bio-Energetic Scans are interpreted during a Health Evaluation Session.


Homeopathic Remedy from Bio-Energetic Scans

The custom Homeopathic Imprint is available in either patch or liquid drop form. The Homeopath Imprint comes from your Bio-Energetic scans to help balance your body based on your body's specific needs and signatures.

Homeopathic Imprinted Patches (a month supply)


Homeopathic Imprinted Drops (one, 1oz bottle - typically a one month supply)


(The Homeopathic Imprint patches or drops come from doing a Bio-Energetic Scan so please see that information above.

IF you're on a program that includes Bio-Energetic scans, your imprint is included automatically!)

Food Sensitivity Bio-Energetic Scans

This scan gives indicators for Food Sensitivities.

These results will be emailed unless a 30-minute nutrition coaching session is scheduled to go over the results. 

$100 for the scans with emailed results

(See below cost for added 30-minute Nutrition Coaching session)

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching*

These 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute sessions focus on how food is medicine and how foods and food groups affect the body. These sessions are tailored specifically to YOUR goals and your practitioner will work with you to reach those goals.

Included in each session:

  • Personalized macronutrient planning

  • Access to the Better app to track your progress

  • Accountability with your practitioner 

  • Resources and tools to help you reach your goals! 

These sessions will not only help the physical, but also the mind and spiritual components of supporting the body from the inside out!

$85 for 30-minute session

$115 for 45-minute session

$150 for 60-minute session

See program options!

*For for on-going support throughout your journey, hop on the

Wellness Monthly Membership!

InBody Composition Analysis

The InBody composition analyzer machine is a method that breaks down your body into its core components: fat, muscle and water. It is an in-house test where you will step on the machine, grab the handles and in 15-seconds, you will receive a detailed printout of your body composition results that you will review with your practitioner. 

The InBody Composition Analysis gives your practitioner a more in-depth understanding of your health. It helps track your diet and exercise progress and allows your practitioner to help you make any changes needed to help you meet your goals. 

$50 for one InBody Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis scans are also included in some of our wellness programs!

InBody Composition Analysis + Nutrition Consultation with Personalized Macronutrients

This session includes the InBody Composition Analysis plus a 30-minute Nutrition Coaching session! Sit down with your Holistic Health Practitioner as they help you interpret your InBody scan and give you the information you need to begin your health journey.

This session also includes personalized macronutrients specifically for YOU!


Far Infrared Sauna Session*

During this session you will relax in the sauna for 30 minutes and sweat it out in the best way possible! You will receive a bottle of water, electrolytes and trace minerals to replace what is lost during the session, as well as a binder supplement to bind toxins in the body for elimination.

Potential health benefits of sauna sessions include detoxification, immunity boost, relaxation, heart health, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, weight loss, better sleep, anti-aging!

Sit back and relax for 30 or 45-minutes while your body detoxes at the cellular level! 

$40 per 30-minute session

$50 per 45-minute session

Or choose a Sauna Package!

*Make sure to check with our team if you have any contraindications.

Red Light Therapy*

Light therapy is among the earliest recorded healing modalities. Solar therapy was first used by the Egyptians, and forms of light therapy were also practiced by the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Indians. There’s no question that light exerts biological effects: in fact, the body needs light to be healthy. Clinical studies are now establishing how different wavelengths of light affect the body at a cellular level, the conditions that can be successfully treated using light therapy. Sunlight includes a component of red light; it is this light wavelength that contributes to the enhanced sense of well-being we experience after a few hours outdoors. LED light therapy, therefore, is the therapeutic science of utilizing red and infrared light wavelengths to assist with the treatment of health conditions, and promote general well-being.

Our red light therapy delivers safe and effective therapeutic health benefits, including: Skincare, Collagen Production, Weight-Loss, Hair growth, Boost Energy, Improve Sleep, Improve Blood Circulation, Pain-Relief, Muscle & Tissue Recovery among other health benefits.

These sessions are 20-minutes each.

$25 per 20-minute session

$15 per 20-minute add-on session (this can be after any session at Wholistically You!)

Or choose a Red Light Therapy Package!

*Make sure to check with our team if you have any contraindications.

Ionic Foot Detox*

An Ionic Foot Detox is a type of foot soak that uses water charged with negative and positive ions to alkalize the body and help support the body’s natural detox pathways. It is effective because the electrical current actually travels throughout the body and stimulates lasting detoxification effects.

After detoxing you could experience:

  • Enhanced Focus

  • Improved Mood

  • Relaxation

  • Stress Relief

  • Improved Circulation

  • And more!

Each session includes:

  • A bottle of water

  • Binder capsules that will bind the toxins in your body so you can eliminate them properly

  • Trace Minerals to restore your body's minerals

Sit back and relax for 30-minutes while your body detoxes! 

$50 for a single session

Or choose an Ionic Foot Detox Membership Package!


*Make sure to check with our team if you have any contraindications.

Holistic Supplement Consultation

This 15-minute consult is for clients who are seeking a supplement recommendation for any certain ailment they have going on or seeking supplement recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

$45 per session​ 

(Cost of supplements not included)

Citrus Fruits

Don't live in the Hickory, NC area?

We can do all sessions virtually and your Bio-Energetic Scans remotely! 

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Get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer them!

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